You Remember Your First Bike, Don't You?

 Our Mission

Our mission is clear and focused, to provide a healthy lifestyle to underprivileged children, along with recreation and self confidence, while giving them the most convent gift as a child, while supporting safety in biking.

How We Accomplish Our Goals

Our mission to reach underpriveleged children is accomplished by our close communication with over 1,000 organizations throughout the country who present us with a need for the communities they serve.

Our funding comes from people like you who choose to make a difference. Through online donations, contributions through the mail and numerous fundraising efforts we continue to honor Mark Reynolds through the Children's First Bike Fund.


 Get Involved

We're very honored to have volunteers from so many locations help us in this endeavor.  We welcome and appreciate any assistance you may be able to give.  Phone calls, coordination and donations are vital in making our giveaways happen.  Please Contact Us if you would like to be a part of something great!

How Donations Are Used

Our expenses are very low, other than general business expenses, such as printing, postage dues to associated clubs, etc., there is absolutely no ADMINISTRATIVE SALARIES. We direct our donations to purchasing new bikes and helmets for the less fortunate children. If you are so inclined, we would very much appreciate your donation to continue our mission to make a beautiful memory for a child, their very first bike!